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WeCan Solutions Ltd announce that they are installing a canning line at Vocation Brewery, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

Locating an additional line in this region will allow brewers in Northern England and Scotland greater flexibility for the services provided by WeCan Solutions. Existing customers can expect the same excellent service whilst new ones can explore quality at low minimum volumes provided by WeCan.

Andy Hughes, Co-Directory WeCan Solutions Ltd, “By basing one of our lines in Northern England gives us an ability to improve flexibility the service for brewers in the North of England and Scotland. We’re working at one of the best breweries and brewer at Vocation which will give us a great base to deliver our service.

Vocation and WeCan Solutions

Canning at this scale is not simple whether the line is owned by a 3rd party or the brewer. As the largest small scale contract canneWeCan Solutionsr in Europe, we will continue to deliver quality at low quantity through affordable and simple service taking the hassle away from brewers.”

WeCan Solutions now provide a service in Ireland and Northern Europe. We’re happy to be offering not only the best quality and flexibility, but, as the largest service providers, the best commercials also.

Trained staff based in Yorkshire will continue to deliver the high quality service WeCan are renowned for providing. The administrative and testing operation will continue to occur in Hereford where WeCan are based.

Through Vocation Brewery, WeCan are able to offer a conditioning service where product can be canned on site. Conditioning and contract brewing in Hereford prior to putting product into can has proven to be popular and economical. By extending a conditioning service at Vocation Brewery, WeCan continue to offer a growing range of functions.

Want to know more ? Please feel free to contact Andy Hughes ([email protected]) or visit our website : www.wecan.solutions