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12th June 2018

WeCan Solutions Ltd and Morrow brothers ltd announce partnership

Quality Packaging and more money for producers

Morrow Brothers Ltd and WeCan Solutions Ltd announce today that they are partnering in order or to provide exciting new opportunities for producers, retailers and consumers.

Morrow Brothers Packaging Ltd and WeCan Solutions Ltd, the largest and most experienced small scale can-packers in Europe, have created a transaction which will offer producers of most beverages the ability to pack into a broad range of packs including Glass, Can and Keg.

The provision of quality assessment prior and post packaging will demonstrate their focus on delivering #PerfectlyPackaged products and will improve the confidence in contracted packaging at lower volume packaging.

The partnership creates a new company, Morrow-Hughes Ltd which will provide a Business to Consumer and Business to Business sales function offering high quality, rapid turnover with a wide variety of European Beers and ‘other beverages’. Further details will be announced over the coming weeks but we are confident that producers’ talents are recognised by rightfully realising through a financial rebate.

We look forward in sharing the growing excitement around our partnership with a “Quality in Small Pack” Event this September.

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