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WeCan Solutions Ltd this week filled their 20th new brand of craft beer in the UK. On our reckoning that at least 65% of the new craft brands in the UK. Not only that, we have now filled 100,000 cans of craft beer. Its been fun but hard work !!

Micro-canning certainly is not something that is an easy task and certainly not made easier by a mobile function. What is for sure is that experience comes with practice and 100,000 cans later WeCan are striving ahead. New seaming testing technology ensures that we will not fall foul of the costly errors that some micro-canners have had to endure.

Still the only mobile contract canners in the UK they have assisted brewers like Wild Beer, Brains, Steaming Billy, Everards, Weird Beard, Tractorshed, Eden Mill, Andwells to name a few. Things have gone smoothly but not without lessons being learned. We’ll never stop learning !

Uk's finest craft beer in cans. Canned by WeCan Solutins Ltd

Uk’s finest craft beer in cans. Canned by WeCan Solutins Ltd

Our commercials are getting even better and with volume comes further discounts which we are keen to pass on to brewers. We are now as confident as ever in our ability to deliver quality at a price which is very competitive. We even make a strong financial case demonstrating competiveness against the purchase of a brewer’s own canning line.

As to the next few months, well there’s a load more new products coming into being that’s for sure with at least as many brands again. We will also launch the CraftCanDirectory.com which will offer a beer club, shop and an ability to provide bespoke branded cans. Consumers can find all UK craft beer cans in one place and brewers will enjoy this extra attention and with our social media about to run into overload its going to be a fun time.

We have ha an awful lot of support, not only from our advisory team but also from brewers and suppliers – so its good to thank them.