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Final Packaging

including ClipPack, trays and boxes
Clips - Final packaging

Clips – Final packaging

Ultimately this is of course a choice for the producer. We do however offer a number of solutions including ClipPack, trays and boxes. We purchase final packaging in bulk allowing us to pass on 100% of the savings.

WeCan Solutions are currently offering an exclusive final packaging option which is environmentally friendly, economical and effective.

Wavegrip is a new sustainable packaging solution specifically designed for the craft beverage industry. Using lightweight photo degradable polythene to create rings for multi-packing, the material is the lightest packaging solution available on the market. The photo degradable material is kinder on the environment and material is fully recyclable. Wavegrip has intuitive carry holes that makes multi-packs easy to pick up and repair. Contact us for further detail.

Exclusive final packaging from WeCan

Exclusive final packaging from WeCan


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