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WeCan Solutions Ltd are Europes’ largest and most experienced ‘small scale’ contract canning packers. The many challenges of small scale packing are removed by us in delivering our service. We have developed solutions which allow us to delivery quality to present your product perfectly. Provide the beverage and we’ll assist with the rest.

WeCan Solutions Ltd have all the equipment, experience and professionalism required get your product into a can. Being efficient and hassle free we take the burden from this part of the business for you.

We are known for our excellence in quality, care, communication and flexibility.

Our services range from delivery of a mobile facility to your site, processing, contract brewing and packaging using our static lines, distribution & re-sale of finished product and supply of a broad range of consumable items (including can supply at small minimum volumes).

Our target market is between 1,000 litres and 50hl for final packaging.

Transit75% of our customers choose for us to attend their brewery or production facility. We bring the line, trained staff, cans and CIP equipment and leave you with your finished product.

We have perfected the canning of ‘craft’ products to ensure your beverage continues to taste as good as it went into the can.

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