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We take great pride in our quality and understand the fundamental importance of getting this right. We have the ability to deal with small volumes but there is no compromise on quality. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of canning and packaging.

We have invested in excellent seaming assessment tools to ensure that the seaming quality is not compromised and are experts in this field.

Our equipment and processes have been designed to ensure the minimum possible oxygen is added to the final product. We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve and our tests have shown that our production puts negligible DO into your beverage. Tests on the machinery show DO levels of 10-20 parts per Billion.

As part of our service we offer the following : Seam analysis (Critical and teardown), Micro (on site & lab) & DO testing (post fill).

We have invested in considerable time and effort to get a labelling solution that works excellently on cans. Not only do the labels look great but the adhesive used ensures a firm hold in all environments. A lacquer applied to the top of the label ensures protection from physical damage.And of course, we apply these labels for you.