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WeCan - A new look for 2019

With 2018 being a year of considerable investment, we look forward to larger capacity, broader range of servcies and more innovation – delivered with a QUALITY FIRST attitude

New Solutions better result

WeCan Solutions have gone through 12 months of refining their processes, upgrading their facilities all with a focus on delivering quality first. 

New 'Other Beverages' Facility

WeCan Solutions welcome customers requiring the blending and packing of ‘other beverages’ at our new facility in Hereford, UK.

Moving on from options we have provided over the last 2 years, we have expanded our services to offer the blending and packing of a wide range of beverages including wine, coffee, alco-mixes, kombucha and water.

Completely new SKU’s have become a whole lot easier !

Contract Brewing / Packing

WeCan Solutions purchased a 35HL brew length brewery in 2018 and have completed significant investment in this facility.

By combining Shrink Sleeve can decoration, large can-pack capacity and brewing facilities we achieve the best commercial arrnagment, efficency and quality.

UpGraded Equipment

In 2018 WeCan Solutions replaced all of our major canning lines. We regard our new Cask Canning lines as the best in the world. We’re always keen to show you why.

In addition, WeCan have upgraded and added to their quality testing ability. We believe in using premium testing equipment in order to get premium results.

Talk to us should you require the purchase of our referbished lines.

Dedicated Water Line

WeCan Solutions are the only provider offering a dedicated pure water can-packaging facility.

Experience shows that flavour taint and CO2 pick-up are significant risks when packing pure water. We believe that the only way to ensure quality is to dedicate a facility to water only packing

WeCan Water

Supply Only Services

WeCan Solutions now supply a range of services to customers with their own canning arrangements. These include:

A wide selection of cans (plain or decorated)

Can decoration (Shrink Sleeve, Printed, PSL)

Final packaging

Stainless Steel fabrication

Vessels / fittings

New quality control function

Live-time production data 

Supplying cans and consuambles with no MOQ

Now offering stainless steal fabrication / components

Dedicated Water Pack facility

NEW : Blending and packing other beverages


Commercials from….

Quality Focussed

Complete Quality Control

Dissolved Oxygen

Using Anton Par for pre / post fill comparison. Fixed site provides perfect control of product

Seam Quality

State of art seam testing combined with trained technicans to guarentee perfect seam specifications


Using indpendant laboritory to provide constant feedback and results analysis

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

Call or email us to ensure that you have all the information you need

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Winning

SIBA Regional Gold Award 2018 + Voted best Herefordshire Medium Business of the year 2017

Live-Time Production Records

As customers of ours, we will provide you with our production records – as they happen for ultimate trust and confidence 

Partners not Packers

As the most experienced low / medium volume contract can-packers in Europe we are hugely passionate about what we do. We’re creative, innovative and we sincerely care about packaging your product. 2018 was a year of improvement and change and we look forward to demonstrating a sustainable partnership with our carefully selected customers.