We offer for supply a range of consumable items associated with canned beverages. Whilst we offer discounted commercials to our contracted customers, consumable items are available for purchase for all. For further information visit our Contact Us page or email direct [email protected]

Affordable craft canning at low volumes

PakTech® Can Handles

PakTech® Clips

As an authorised distributor of PakTech® products, we offer a range of solutions in small volume. PakTech® plastic handles deliver what consumers want: a package that is good-looking, eco-friendly, easy to carry, and easy to remove. Made in Eugene, Oregon USA, PakTech® low-waste, PCR handles offer the market a very sustainable secondary packaging solution. You will be Handled with Excellence ! Take a look at this video for more information.




PakTech® Bottle Handles


PakTech® 6 Can Handles

PakTech® 4 Can Handles







Exclusive final packaging from WeCan

Exclusive final packaging from WeCan

WaveGrip is an innovative new solution to your can collation needs which is easily applied to the rim of your cans to turn them into safe and secure multi-packs. Suitable for all kinds of canned drinks producers – WaveGrip will give you value for money with the widest choice of equipment for the lowest cost.




Final Packaging Boxes

We supply a large range of boxes suitable for the ‘final packaging’ of canned beverage products. These are robust and are well suited to the bulk handling of filled cans. Standard boxes are provided to hold 24, 12 and 6 cans. Branding options are available

Presentation Boxes

Purposely designed for the ‘Premium Beverage Market’ we offer a range of Presentation / Gift boxes to complement your premium product. Boxes are supplied in a range of formats / sizes. With branding options available, we supply these products in low volumes.

Presentation Box

3 Can Presentation Box with Windows


3 Can gift Box

3 Can Gift Box









Aluminium Beverage Cans

Getting your canning contracted elsewhere ? We are aware that not all are seeking cans just for filling with liquid !! Typical minimum orders for beverage cans are in excess of 100,000 units. WeCan Solutions offer to supply beverage cans at small volume. These can be supplied branded, unfilled or filled.

Beverage Can supply in minimum volumes

Beverage Can supply in minimum volumes


Looking for your own personalised branded cans filled with quality Craft Beer ? A unique service is provided to customers looking to create a personalised branded beverage. Available in small volumes these are suitable for Weddings, Events, Sports Clubs and they make an amazing gift.  Contact CraftCan.Directory