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About WeCan Solutions

Europe's Leading Mobile Canning Provider

WeCan Solutions Ltd provide a contract canning service for small / medium volume beverages. We are the only credible company in the UK, Ireland and now Northern Europe able to do this by taking the canning line to the production facility (other options available). With over 20 years in the industry and assistance from our advisory panel our passion is to look after your beer and present it perfectly. WeCan are the most experienced micro-canners operating in Europe. With this comes a wealth of experience that you will not find elsewhere.

WeCan Solutions Team

Mobile Beverage Canning In UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Our service can bring the canning line to your brewery or production facility. With the ability to cater for small and large brewers we will make your product look great and taste the same as when it was canned.

We know how precious brewers are about their beer – and rightly so! With our panel of advisors we will ensure that service delivery is not compromised.


All in one service

We want to take the hassle out of packaging for you. Working with you from the start on your label allows us to arrive with a pre-labelled can – whether that be a print direct to can or the use of our unique Pressure Sensitive Labels.
The cans are filled by our staff at your brewery and packaged for your convenience.


Just the start

We offer a range of solutions in order you get your beer into cans in a manner that is good for you and for your beer!

Our website is intended as an introduction only. We prefer dealing with people face to face.

Whilst we will continue to add news to our website, feel free to get in touch and we will talk you through how we can assist you to make the most out of your beer.


Our Service

  • Ability to deal with small and large quantities
  • Label design assistance
  • The most cost effective contract canning option for small volumes
  • Minimum orders as little as 1000 litres
  • Total daily capacity 24,000
  • Exceptional audit trail and quality assurance
  • Flexible
  • Ability to can virtually any beverage
  • Processing function
  • Full contract brewing
  • Retail through CraftCan.Directory

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