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Europe's most experienced lower batch beverage producers & packers

Brewing, Blending, Can-pack, Pasterisation, Storage & fullfilment

Delivering an exceptional quality service we are the the most experienced low – medium volume can packers UK, Ireland and Europe. Delivering quality and consistency from sample volumes to large scale production. We also offer supply of raw materials, batch pasteurisation, labelling and final packaging.


Our Services

As leaders in the industry we have the widest knowledge, largest range of services and offer by far the best quality in packing throughout Europe.

Please note that as of 2021 WeCan Solutions Ltd no longer offer a ‘Mobile Canning Solution’. With our new facility, we brew, blend and pack all beverages from low to medium volumes.

Fix Site Packaging

Our new 6,000 cph line allows customers to scale up for improved commercials. Packing R&D volumes and 1,000 – 25,000 litre production batch volumes

150ml - 500ml can sizes

We offer the widest range of can sizes which are branded using direct printing, Shrink Sleeve Labels or Pressure Sensitive Labelling. 

Cans & Consumable Supplies

Purchase cans and consumable supplies direct from our trade supply site.


Our customers benefit for the labelling of cans in-line during filling however we offer the supply of cans and other raw materials for their filling off site. 


Our 6,000 cph, post fill, tunnel pasteuriser ensures confidence in shelf life stability 

Retail Sales through Craft Can Directory

Our customers obtain free listing on the www.CraftCan.Directory. We also welcome discussions of how we can distribute and export your product using our sales team.


We benefit from dealing directly with the brewery and offer the On and Off Trade with the widest range of the freshest craft beers in cans. Reduced supply chain and transport costs mean excellent pricing. Contact [email protected]

Contract Brewing

WeCan now offer contract brewing using our 35 barrel brewery. You will find our combined service of brewing and packing (can, keg, glass) as being the most cost effective whilst taking advantage our flexibility

Beverage Blending

We assist our customers whether they are at the start of their project for a new beverage or customers with a fully designed recepe ready for production. With MOQ’s as low as single cans we move consistantly through volumes up to 50,0000 unit batches 

Trade Supply

Access to cans, consumables and retail trade stock exclusively to our members. Register to become a member of the Craft Can Directory Trade site.

2021 Operations Brochure

View the WeCan Solutions 2021 Operations Brochure.

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Why Choose WeCan Solutions?

The first to deliver lower volume can-pack in Europe, we deliver a professional service, providing quality gained from experience. WeCan Solutions deliver a canning solution suited to the majority of beverage producers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We’ve always been ambitious, creative, flexible and innovative but our ‘all under one roof’ approach makes for a commercially effective solution at low and higher outputs.   



With experience comes quality. Our trained staff ensure perfect seam quality, low DO levels, excellent sanitisation and consistency in beverage production. Testing through industry lead measuring equipment and independently audited.


Branding is the key and our passion and interest is second to none. We are keen to ensure our customer get the very best designed products. With our Shrink Sleeving, we are competitive against other branding options with no MOQ’s and fantastic results. We also supply Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL).


We have 3 main canning lines which all operate in line with labelling, pasteurisation and final pack making for a competitive solution at all volumes

Any beverage

We have experience in the brewing & blending of a very wide range of products (still or sparking) inc Cold Brew Coffee, Low alcohol beers, ciders, RTD’s cocktails, soft drinks, Komucha, fermented soft drinks.  


Minimum orders as little as 800 litres and a total daily capacity of 30,000 l.


Due to higher demands in production, we are now located in Herefordshire and no longer offer mobile canning. We offer various can sizes, ranging from 150ml – 500ml, as well as a range of final packaging options. We are able to apply both PSL and shrink sleeve labels and can offer pasteurisation.

Meet the WeCan Solutions Team

Over 20 years experience in the industry

Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes


A life long home-brewer, Andy Hughes has a passion and experience in brewing. One of the founders of WeCan Solutions. “For me, it’s about doing things in a different and better way”.

email [email protected]

Josh Prater

Head Beverage Blender

Josh has been with us since 2020 and delivers great quality blending and creating of RTD beverages.

Email: [email protected] 

Richard Webb

Richard Webb

Head of Packaging

Richard (or Spider as he is known) has been with the company from its earliest days. He is a highly qualified stainless steel fabricator by tradesman and is happy to assist our customers with their needs.

Spider heads up our facilities to ensure that we’re delivering quality to reliability. Spider is highly experienced in the field of can-packaging and his technical ability coupled with an understanding of beverage packing means he has a critically important role. 

email [email protected]

Paul McCauley

Paul McCauley

Production Manager

Following 18 years at Connect Group it was time for me to utilise my processing skills closer to home and join the WeCan team. I was impressed by the professional set up and enthusiasm of the staff and jumped at the chance when Andy offered me a role in the business.
The vision is to stay best in class at what we do while delivering excellent customer service and innovative solutions to which ever beverage we are handling.

email [email protected]

Helena McConnachie

Admin Assistant

Helena has been with us for 3 years and as well as completing her administrative duties, she is also the labelling specialist who is the point of contact between the suppliers and us. 

Email: [email protected]

Katie Ince

Assistant Process Manager

Katie is new to the team and is working alongside Paul to effectively manage production. As well as dealing with general enquiries, she packs online orders and populates social media. 

Email: [email protected]

Liz Wesley

Accounts Administrator

Liz has been with us for 5 years and completes general admin duties as well as creating invoices and payrolls.

Marilyn Seedhouse

Marilyn Seedhouse

Consultant Microbiologist

At WeCan, we always strive to deliver the pinnacle of all quality parameters to ensure every can and sip deliver the greatest experience. Now we’re proud to announce our partnership with MPSMicrobiological Limited – Marilyn Seedhouse, Brewing Microbiologist to assure the microbiological stability and integrity of the beer for our customers and consumers.

email [email protected]

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